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58 thoughts on “My account

  1. This place is AMAZING !!!

  2. Great Product! Great Company! Quick delivery, easy to work with. The only place I go for my Kratom needs! Thank you GreenKing!

  3. First order for me from your company. Was recommended to try so here I am.

  4. Happy to help its why we do this every order is going to help someone and we love it.

  5. Glad I found you

  6. Excellent glad you found us too.

  7. Just received my latest order. Once again great service and delivery. It is good to know that people still take pride in their work. Rare today. Thanks again for a product that truly works. The bonus packs are always interesting!

  8. You’re very welcome.

  9. Thank you so much for the White Horned. I love it. And thank you for the Yellow Borneo sample pack. You are now the only source I will be buying from.

  10. You’re very welcome, we LOVE what we do everyday. Every single package that ships is helping someone somewhere and that makes our day, everyday.

  11. Awesome products! Love the quality of GreenKing.

  12. Thank you

  13. I need to change my Shipping address for my current order. It is supposed to be Hi and NOT Or. Can you please update my shipping address for my current order #949 please?

  14. Got it Thank you for fixing that.

  15. Great products, cute soap, amazing prices and super fast shipping! Thank you! I’ll be ordering again!

  16. Thank you we be happy see you again.

  17. great service and delivery. will be the only place i shop! THANKS

  18. Your very welcome. We love what we do here at GK.

  19. Got my YB today and its was right on time. well tell everyone i know to go here. thanks again very fast

  20. Yay love the feedback! Thank you!

  21. 1st-time customer and looking so forward to trying your tea…Kratom Bunny suggested you guys so I know you must be awesome

  22. Excellent, Thank you we are happy have you at GK.

  23. The Super Green Naga is fanfuckingtastic.

  24. YAY GARY!!! Love that you enjoyed it!!!

  25. This is the best source for kratom on the internet, super fast free shipping, Richard you rock. Thanks for everything

  26. Your very welcome!!! Much love for ALL of you!!!

  27. Love this store VERY PROFESSIONAL, HONEST and EFFICIENT. I am a repeat Customer AND pray you guys stay open FOREVER..


  28. Thank you Steph! Much love! We are so happy to have you at GK.

  29. I Just placed my first order with you and am so looking forward to trying your goods! I am a firm believer in the power and energy of this plant and can’t wait to try what you have! Thank you so very much!

  30. I am so happy i found greenking other websites have crazy processes and prices i wont be shopping anywhere else!!

  31. We absolutely PRIDE ourselves on simple to use site and customer service as we LOVE all of you and thank you for choosing GK!

  32. Super happy have you at GK!

  33. Hello! Back again. This time have ordered yellow soap to try. Has anyone got an opinion about the effectiveness of the soaps? May I ask, does the majority of people take K in capsule form or is there a more effective way that I’m not aware of? I don’t want to cause problems for you because you are an outstanding, trustworthy, knowledgeable group that I am so glad I found!
    Thank you again for fast, free shipping of as-advertised product!

  34. Are you on facebook Denise? There a reviews on all our soaps and bathbombs on there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2071346923081098/?ref=group_header come see us here please.

  35. I ordered yesterday and wondering if I will get a tracking number?

    Thank you

    Order #2486

  36. Send that over to you twice check your account messages on our site and check your junk email folder from a email from stamps.com.

  37. 9400111699000880653105

  38. Glad I found your company, this is top notch quality keep up the good business. It is a godsend for my back injury, it has helped me for years.

  39. I have ordered several times from your site and I wanted to write and say “Thank You!” I am a someone who will always have severe chronic pain due to past health issues. Now that I have found your site, I live a happier and pain-free life! Thank you for everything you do on this site! Your product has saved me from the horrible world of pharmaceuticals!

  40. Thank you for sharing that is the exact reason why we do this.

  41. I recently got a purchase from Keri and let me tell you, the customer service is awesome and the product is even more Amazing!! Thanks for letting me join your members only club!

  42. I LOVE Greenking!! These guys have helped me not only with my depression, anxiety, but the ability to manage my pain! Has been a true blessing for sure!! Loyal friend and customer!

  43. And we LOVE you right back Heather!!!

  44. I ordered Red Kapu Kapu and got Red Indo by mistake but it’s no problem because I love it too! 😊
    Thank you so much for all of the Free samples! Love your products!
    ⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐5 stars!!!!

  45. I only order from Greenking, the products are always the Highest Quality! The Owners are Honest, Helpful, and Incredibly Responsive to questions. I have the highest admiration and greatest respect of Richard and the entire company. You will never be disappointed with the quality, and at the Prices are Always the Best. I would always recommend Greenking without question. Plus, the “Super Hero” characters are really amazing.

    Thank you!


  46. And we LOVE having you at GK, clients like yourself are what fuels my days. I love you guys! Thank you Ken!!!

  47. Richard you are awesome and so helpful!!!! thank you for everything!!!!!

  48. This place is so amazing! Best customer service I’ve ever had and a super fast delivery even right around Christmas 🎄. Ill definitely be recommending this place to all my friends!

  49. We are super happpy to have you at GK!!! We love referrals from members.

  50. I cant begin to say how GreenKing, GK HI, Richard,Jo – Nik, Ryan, Michelle and everyone over at GK has changed my life. I owe them so much thanks and gratitude. The quality of their products, are top notch! But even more then that – They’re so Loyal and Honest, hard working group of people. Happy to answer any questions. They make you feel like you are so much more then “just their customers”. GreenKing isn’t just a Company or a Vendor. The way they run their business, and just the kind of people that Richard and Jo are… creates this atmosphere around GK, where we all feel apart of their community, their village, and we are all one crazy family.
    Having top shelf – top of line – HIGH MIT tea. Different Kava (awa) products – dogs treats and soooo much more is a Bonus for us all!

    THANK YOU GREENKING! stay golden – stay awesome

  51. Going make me cry we absolutely LOVE the family we have all created together and ABSOLUTELY love you being in it!!! Love ya Kaehu!!!

    Richard GK Atchley

  52. what comes in the bunny boxes??

  53. I give you guys 5 stars so I’m debating ordering one…lol

  54. Bunny BOxes are loaded with all kinds of goodies and tons of bonuses. Ask in our private group about them they are one of our favorite items to ship every month for our family members here at GK.

  55. I LOVE ❤️ Greenking!! The very BEST source of MS!!!! Very friendly, honest, fast, and affordable!! Bunny Blend is awesome!! Have enjoyed everything I have tried!! You guys are the bomb!! I recommend to everyone that asks!! Keep doing what you do! ❤️

  56. Thanks Kimly we love having you at GK

  57. Always very nice products Thank you very much.

  58. Thank youn for choosing GK we love having you here.

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