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  1. Hello, I’ve been using your products which I have been buying in my hometown for 6 months and what it has done for me is nothing short of giving me my life back. I have just purchased my first order directly from you and am very happy with your prices and ease using your site. 2 questions, did I miss any tracking information , nothing specified an arrival date. And, secondly, I am interested in maybe becoming a distributor as I already laud Kratoms praises, any additional information other than what you provide on your website on your products and strains would greatly compliment my testimony and help get the news out there . I just wanted to say thank you.

  2. Tracking info goes out on weekdays by noon. So monday by noon via email you will receive tracking info. Thank you we love what we do here at GK and will send contact info in your package.

    Thank you

  3. GreenKing is absolutely one of the best vendors I’ve ever dealt with…Richard has a quality product and excellent customer service…Oh yeah, did I mention the lightning speed shipping? GreenKing is an all around great company, every strain I’ve tried has been top notch…

  4. Thank you we love what we do here at GK! And we are so happy to have you here!!!

  5. You guys are great my first time trying something different so I’m ordering Cupid’s arrow.To be totally honest I never order from any other vendor always on point and I’m sure this blend will not disappoint..thank you Richie

  6. We absolutely LOVE to hear members feedback!!! Thank you!!!

  7. Richard is the best. I have found my new kratom home. The products are top knotch and if there are any concerns he is on it in minutes. Shipping is ALWAYS the sane day. Thx Richard!

  8. Thank you for that amazing review we love having you at GKFamily!!!

    Much love
    Richard GK Atchley

  9. Fabulous in every way. TY!

  10. Your very welcome. Happy to have you in the GKFamily.

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